Caring for our oceans


Caring for our oceans

Abandoned fishing nets in our oceans are a big problem. Every year, more than 600,000 tonnes of nets are lost into the oceans. These nets are a massive threat as they cause untold damage to the environment; harming and destroying reefs, and ensnaring wildlife, which can sadly kill them. To tackle the problem, teams of expert divers across the globe have been working together to remove lost or discarded fishing nets to help protect our marine creatures and their habitats.

This is where the FatFace Foundation comes in. In 2017, the FatFace Foundation was proud to announce its partnership with the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI), World Animal Protection and leading dive apparel brand, Fourth Element. The Foundation’s aim is to support the great work that the three organisations are doing in helping to protect the ocean from the impact of human activity, and is committed to helping clean up our oceans.

Fourth Element The FatFace Foundation has been working with Fourth Element on our new swimwear range, OceanPositive, which is made using ECONYL® — recycled nylon from “Ghost” Fishing Nets. This is produced by repurposing marine plastic waste in the form of fishing nets, which have either been lost or discarded in our oceans. The nets are cleaned and sorted before being put through a unique process, which turns the waste into a raw material that’s exactly the same as the material used to make nylon. Eventually all that’s left is a high-quality fabric with excellent chlorine and UV resistance. This unique recycling process far better for the environment than making nylon from scratch. It eliminates waste, saves oil, avoids C02 and saves energy.

Environmentally friendly swimwear

It only makes sense that because Fourth Element is recycled from the sea, it goes back into the sea in the form of high-quality, high performance swimwear. We’ve teamed up with Fourth Element for another year to bring you this sustainable, environmentally-friendly range of swimwear, which you can find here.

The range really is quite special. Fourth Element has been designed without clasps or ties to make it comfortable under a wetsuit, so the swimwear is perfect for active lifestyles. And it’s all packaged up in 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable, 100% earth-friendly packaging made from cassava starch, so no stone’s been left unturned when it comes to making products that are better for the environment. And be rest assured that with each purchase you’re contributing towards achieving a cleaner environment. 100% of the profits are split between the FatFace Foundation and World Animal Protection charities, to help them continue their great work.

There are loads of different shapes and styles available, from bikini sets to swimsuits, so check out the range and discover your favourites.

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