Fatface Foundation and Fatface donate clothing to local charities

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Fatface Foundation and Fatface donate clothing to local charities

This Christmas season the Fatface Foundation and Fatface decided to support some local charities based near our Head office in Havant, Hampshire to give back to the community.

The charities chosen were introduced through Havant rotary club and this enabled us to really give the charities what they need this winter. The charities included:

  • Havant young carers
  • Southern Domenstic Abuse Services
  • Step by step
  • The munch project at Park Community School

We were able to provide clothing and donations which would help local homeless people and those in need have clothing to wear to interviews as well as warm clothing for the winter. We provided clothes to give to women who had fled abusive relationships and their children and we gave young carers new clothes and pyjamas to see them through the winter months.

We were able to donate cheques to The Munch Project to enable them to be able to feed over 100 children in the local are who otherwise wouldn’t get a hot meal over the Christmas holidays. We also donated a cheque to step by step to help them give those in need of shelter a safe warm space to sleep in over Christmas. In addition to all of the clothing and cheques we did a drive at our Head office for spare toiletries for men, women and babies. We had an overwhelming response meaning that we were able to donate essentials such as toothbrushes, sanitary product and nappies to name a few of the items which were donated.

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