A young persons case study of a day out with Fatface, UKSA and the Princes Trust


A young persons case study of a day out with Fatface, UKSA and the Princes Trust

Daisy Young, 17

Daisy completed the Get Started with Water Sports course in August 2017 after being referred by Southampton Youth Offending Service. Daisy lives in supported accommodation with her partner in Southampton.

Daisy had struggled with offending behaviour, drug misuse, fear of homelessness and mental health which has resulted in her being long-term unemployed and in and out of support services. Daisy, who has a keen interest in water sports, felt that Get Started with Water Sports would be an appropriate vehicle for personal and social development. Get Started with Water Sports was a great way for Daisy to get further involved with water sports and discover what job sector was the right one for her.

Daisy’s issues in her personal life had meant she was in a period of instability when she started The Prince’s Trust programme. Daisy was able to overcome these issues and engage with the activity. She also took on a leadership position within the group inspiring and teaching others. UKSA and Prince’s Trust staff saw this talent and spoke with her about potentially becoming an instructor. During the final celebration, Daisy presented to all the young people and both Prince’s Trust, UKSA and FatFace members of staff how to sail and set up and dinghy, and did so with confidence and professionalism.

In one week, Daisy had travelled a great distance in her personal and social development journey. Daisy enjoyed the theme so much so that she is now completing a 6 month Instructor Traineeship with UKSA and the Isle of Wight College with the aim to become an instructor with UKSA.

Daisy has expressed that the programme was ‘‘one of the best things’’ she had ever done and that prior to programme, she did not know what to do with her future. “The whole programme has helped me with my confidence and self-direction. I particularly enjoyed spending time with Emma and Darren from FatFace. They encouraged me on so many occasions, especially during the final celebration where I instructed a group of people to prepare a dinghy. I would recommend this programme to anyone as it gives you the opportunity to have a positive future. I am really exciting about what’s to come for me.”

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