Nepal Earthquake 2015 Update

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Nepal Earthquake 2015 Update

On 25th April 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal which left 9,000 dead and 3.5 million homeless. Fatface uses a factory in Nepal which produces some of our woolen accessories which unfortunately was affected by the earthquake. The earthquake resulted in the loss of 9,000 lives and left 3.5 million homeless. Within our factory we have 200 employees and 150 of those were impacted in some way or another with 1 fatality.

Fatface and the Foundation wanted immediate action so all stores were told to fundraise for the earthquake. Using just a shoe box at the till point and a page explaining where the funds were going we managed to raise £55,000 to help ease the pressure of those impacted.

We kept close contact with the factory and the Foundation paid for the factory to have a full scale report of how badly the workers homes were damaged. The aim was setting up a building cooperative so workers could use the “bulk” discounts of materials to enable them to start rebuilding. However, India implemented a fuel embargo on Nepal which meant that supplies became even more scarce, nothing in this land locked country could move, power became erratic and prices on everything started soaring out of control.

At this point with the advice of people on the ground in India the Foundation made the decision to make most of the funds available as they had been informed children were going without schooling so that their families could eat.

2 years after the disaster the director of the Fatface Foundation Ian Williams went out to Nepal to visit the factory and the workers. The factory was able to begin operating again not long after the earthquake. This was thanks to the suppliers father-in-law being a structural engineer, meaning he was able to help with this process and speed up getting some normality back into the lives of the workers and allowing them to continue earning.

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