Going Live with the Princes Trust

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Going Live with the Princes Trust

Following our blog earlier in the year about Fat Face’s involvement with the Princes’ Trust’s Tomorrows Talent competition, a couple of representatives from our Head Office went to London’s Universal Music Offices to meet with one of our winners Sally, and The Vamps.

The competition saw a number of retailers provide real design briefs to entrants who then had to act on the brief and come up with a fitting design. Fat Face picked two winners based on their designs, Sally and Jess.

The event in London was to mark the launch of the product with Prince’s Trust and it’s launch into stores. Fat Face Will be launching the designs on a selection of bags and scarves in January wit a percentage of the proceeds going to the Prince’s Trust.

They marked the launch with the Vamps hosting a live Facebook event which included the Vamps interviewing two of the tomorrows talent winners, including Sally. The event was brilliant and gave Sally a chance to tell her experience of being an entrant in the competition. She was given the opportunity to showcase the designs to the live internet audience and let everyone know the inspiration behind her designs and allowing her to share how much Princes trust has helped her.

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