Hadrian's wall cycle

· Thanks for Giving

Hadrian's wall cycle

Our fantastic team in Hexham cycled 100 miles along Hadrian’s wall for their chosen charity the Oncology department in their local hospital. The store has some amazing stories which are the reasoning behind their choosing for their charity.

16 year old Anna one of our crew members:

I’ve been a part of the crew at fat face since July 2016 and my mum has been diagnosed with cancer since May 2014. I’ve seen first hand how the oncology department at Hexham make a big difference to patients undergoing chemotherapy by providing them with pick-me-ups at a time when it’s often hard to feel relaxed and comfortable. I’m delighted that the store is supporting the department because it means that tough treatment can be made just a bit more bearable for as many families like mine as possible.>

It is for reasons such as this which is why we run the Thanks For Giving initiative, it reinvigorates a sense of community where our stores are and gives the stores a chance to support a charity which they really think will make a difference.


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